Incep sa devin nostalgica, dar nu mai e mult.

Emotia pe care o resimt de fiecare data cand ajung langa castel e incomparabila. Nu stiu  cu au reusit, dar echipele au reusit sa pun cap la cap lucrurile si sa creeze cel mai frumos festival din Romania, Electric Castle.

Cuvintele sunt absolut de prisos, nu reusesc sa descriu atmosfera de acolo in cuvintele potrivite.

E festivalul meu de suflet.

Si e chiar de ziua mea! ♥

18-22 iulie.

be there.

PS: Biletele se vor scumpi incepand cu 15 martie, astfel ca va las un link direct de unde puteti lua biletele mai iefit.


The emotion I feel every time I reach the castle is incomparable. I don’t really know how they did it, but Electric Castle definitely has the best  team  which managed to put things together and create the most beautiful festival in Romania.

The words are absolutely superfluous, I  can’t even describe with the right words  the atmosphere that is created there every time I get in.

Elecric Castle has its own vibe, its own identity.

It’s my soul festival.

And it happens right when  birthday is!

July 18-22.

Be there.

PS: Ticket prices will rise after the 15th of March, so I’ll leave you down a direct link from where you can pick up your tickets.