ANNAKIKI’s 2018 Fall/Winter collection is inspired by today’s aesthetic fatigue and fashion excess. While global clothing sales are estimated to reach 160 million tons in 2050, more than three times today’s amount, the planet simply cannot sustain this level of pollution, carbon emissions, and water usage.
An insatiable desire for the next big thing has resulted in an excess of trends changing faster than we can keep up with. As a result, we have aesthetic fatigue.
For her fall winter 18 ANNAKIKI collection, Anna Yang wants to try something new. She is slowing down and rethinking each piece. Her new “less is more” philosophy uses fabric collage techniques and two-in-one designs. One garment, two moods.
Eco-fur meets natural silk, denim and down combine to make a single jacket, street casual knitwear meets elegant silk, cool PVC meets warm wool. Two-in-one clothes have double the life span.
For maximum impact, we are making strong statements in blocks of mono color.
In order to reduce how much she produces, Anna Yang has created fewer pieces. The focus is on craftsmanship, elegance, authenticity and longevity. These are considered clothes that will stand the test of time; less is definitely more.